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Common Shoulder Conditions

Shoulder Replacement

Shoulder Tears

Fractured Shoulder

Reverse Joint Replacement

Shoulder Replacement

If your shoulder joint is in the end stages of arthritis or degenerative joint disease, and you’re experiencing severe pain and stiffness, a shoulder replacement may be the right solution! This surgery replaces the damaged parts of your shoulder with a prothesis that will give you greater mobility.

Reverse Shoulder Replacement

When torn rotator cuffs are beyond repair or total shoulder replacement surgeries are unsuccessful, a reverse shoulder replacement can result in a better outcome than a total replacement! In this surgery, the natural position of the ball and socket parts of the shoulder joint is flipped, giving the patient significant relief.

Frozen Shoulder

Also known as adhesive capsulitis, frozen shoulder, or increasing stiffness in your shoulder joint, may occur when you are recovering from an illness or procedure and cannot move your arm. We can administer medications, oversee range of motion exercises, or perform arthroscopic surgery to help you move freely again!

Rotator Cuff Tear

If you have a dull ache in your shoulder caused by a torn rotator cuff, and your pain has not improved with nonsurgical treatments, rotator cuff surgery can help repair the shoulder tear and restore your active lifestyle! This surgery is often performed on an outpatient basis, depending on the nature of the tear.

Broken Shoulder Surgery

Left untreated, fractured shoulders can cause intense pain and more severe medical problems down the road. Broken shoulder surgery, which knits the bones back together using plates or screws, often restores total function and eliminates discomfort.

Shoulder Reconstruction

When you dislocate your shoulder, you injure your ligaments and loosen your shoulder joint, a painful condition that leads to shoulder instability. Shoulder reconstructive surgery can address this instability by repairing tears and decreasing the chance of future dislocations.

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About Dr. Schoch

Dr. Schoch grew up in Montreal Quebec Canada and was one of six children. He had a passion for medicine since he was a young boy. He completed his undergraduate in New Brunswick, Canada at Mount Allison University. He then went to Michigan State University for medical school. During his training, He fell in love with orthopedics and did his internship and residency locally at McLaren Hospital (formally known as Mount Clemens General Hospital). Dr. Schoch practiced general orthopedics for many years, but then became a leading specialists in shoulder orthopedics. He also still enjoys taking care of most fractures. The main surgeries that he performs are shoulder replacement, both total and reverse shoulder replacements, arthroscopic rotator cuff repair and stabilization procedures for instability, fixing any type of broken bones around the shoulder, total knee reconstructions, knee arthroscopies, ligament reconstructions, and chondral transplant procedures. He performs a thorough exam and will strive to solve the reason you're having pain and functional limitations.

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